Treating the cause


​"I truly feel GREAT every day, no more creaks in my joints, no inflammation in my body (used to have inflammation somewhere (knees, elbow, tendonitis both ankles) and have no more sinus drainage that I had for YEARS.  Also, have better breath since there is no sinus drainage and I sleep wonderfully.

You were right that I should consider giving up dairy.  Not quite sure why it took me so long.  I think of your inspirational talk to me all of the time and want to tell you that you gave me such great ideas.  Loved Forks over Knives and have referenced each of the professionals that you mentioned.  Love the recipes that were in your action plan.  You know I remember when you said you were advising others much more for passion and the fulfillment that it brought to you than for the money.  I totally understand now.

As I say, I think I share the "LOVE" of my nutritional discoveries with just about everybody who comes into my path because I feel like people are missing out on such a great thing that I have found.  My husband said the other night that this way of eating has really exposed him to a lot of food that he may have never experienced just as a meat eater.  I converted a friend of mine and I am so happy whenever I talk to her because she is just bursting with excitement every time we talk about food, nutrition or recipes.  It's kind of fun because you're one of the people who "started the WAVE", like at the Pirate game.  As MARTHA would say, "That's a GOOD THING."  
Patricia N., McMurray, PA

"​I began my life after college working in the pharmaceutical industry.  I once believed that medicine cured all.  I know now that is not the case.  It all started with severe acid reflux symptoms when I was pregnant with my first child that did not resolve after he was born.  I was treated with medicine during my pregnancy.  After consulting with a GI physician my endoscopy showed that I indeed had Barrett's esophagus.  I continued on a regimen of Nexium 40 mg twice daily and Pepcid 40 mg at night.  On top of that, I have suffered from allergies and asthma as long as I can remember.  This past winter, I was desperate!  I was still having reflux symptoms despite the amount of medicine I was taking and I was sick all the time with respiratory infections.  I decided to see another specialist regarding my reflux and considered having surgery.  In the back of my mind, I knew that diet played a role with some of my symptoms.  Although, I just didn't understand why.  I made a home cooked meal almost every night for my family with organic and natural ingredients.  I am not overweight and live a healthy, active lifestyle.  I happened to be at the Peters Rec Center when I saw Tracey Eakin's information on Plant Based nutrition.  It was like a light bulb went off!  I came home and sent her an email about my situation.  We met a week later at her seminar.  I was amazed by her story and all of the scientific data that she presented!  So, the game plan was to get off all of my medicine, but how was I going to do this?  I had tried unsuccessfully a few times before under the care of my GI doctor.  I was skeptical.  Tracey advised me to follow a whole food, plant based diet for 21 days (My physicians were aware of this trial period.).  After that, I would eliminate one reflux med at a time and so I did and IT WORKED!!  I did not have reflux symptoms eating a plant-based diet.  I have fallen off the wagon a few meals and the reflux symptoms instantly returned.  It has been 5 months now since I met with Tracey.  I have not looked back.  I have tried so many new amazing recipes.  My 4-year old daughter has even eliminated the Prevacid that she had been taking for 3 years after being diagnosed with a hiatal hernia.  She and I share a "green smoothie" every morning!  I am looking forward to seeing my husband's cholesterol blood work in a few months.  My GI doctor gave me a high-five when I told him that I was not relying upon the reflux medication anymore!  We all have benefited from this Plant Strong lifestyle.  I can't thank you enough, Tracey, for helping my family and me."  Valerie, Peters Township

"I met Tracey 30 days ago in March of 2012.  I attended one of her classes, and purchased the e-book of recipes which was helpful.  Although I have no serious health issues, she has convinced me to try the green food diet option and I plan to stick with the program.  So far, these last 30 days have been an eye opening and "fruit"ful experience.  I feel better and have lost 7 pounds without ever thinking of portion control or counting calories, carbs, or any additional guidelines beyond her instructions.  I do not crave meat.  I no longer drink pints of milk in a sitting.  My spouse has been understanding, and there is not much of a problem eating at restaurants, though our visits are few.  I am a bit surprised with the minimal effort involved, and I like to shop at Trader Joes and some produce auctions and markets.  Now I read food labels which I had not done in the past, and I pass up products with more than 4-5 ingredients.  See you at the next marathon or 5K.  Cheers!!  God bless Tracey!" Burt L., Canonsburg

"This course reinstated all of the negative aspects of meat & dairy (which I already knew).  Thank you for reminding me that I should take care of my body by eating better.  Great teacher!  Very Knowledgeable!"  2011 Camp Raising Spirits attendee