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I only endorse products that I believe help to greatly facilitate a low-fat, plant-based, whole food lifestyle and that I use myself.  I'm sorry that I didn't purchase my Vitamix sooner.  I chose the Vitamix 5200 Super-Healthy Lifestyle model because it also comes with a second dry grains container that grinds grain and simulates the kneading process.  Along with the blender, I also purchased an additional cookbook called Live Fresh Raw/Vegan/Vegetarian Recipes.

Vitamix blenders:

  • Create delicious whole food juices with no loss of the nutritious pulp.
  • Blend delicious nut milks that do not contain any unnecessary ingredients.
  • Make almost endless combinations of smoothies very quickly.
  • Cook soup right in the blender for a quick dinner.
  • Chop vegetables and shred cabbage faster than is possible by hand.  Chop just a little longer and create a chopped salad.
  • Make homemade hummus and nut butters.
  • Use the dry grains container and prepare bread dough ready to pop in the oven.
  • Whip up sorbets and non-dairy ice creams.
  • Clean up very easily by placing a drop of dish detergent and some warm water into the container and turning the blender on.


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